Home Landscaping eBook

The Guide to Home Landscaping (for iPad) ebook offers useful reference information about plants, hardscape, and maintenance for your home landscaping needs. Ecological and design principles, color theory and an overview of garden design styles lay the foundation for practical tips and an action based process for creating a landscape plan.

Guiede to Home Landscping iBook cover
Guide to Home Landscaping

for Apple iPad 2 or higher

Made with iBooks Author, this interactive book is optimized for viewing in landscape mode. (Text flows in portrait mode, allowing font size changes). Includes over 300 high quality images, with photo galleries of water features, overhead structures, patios, walls and fences. Also has a touch-based glossary of terms.

Reference Tool

Get answers to common questions

  • When to divide perennials
  • Which colors work well together?
  • How to lay a paver patio
  • How is lumber sized?
  • Which plants are native? Invasive?
  • What is involved with putting in a water feature?
  • What are some sustainable practices for the home landscape?
. . . and so much more!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Design Principles
  • Garden Styles
  • Color Theory
  • Plants
  • Sustainability
  • Hardscape
  • Accessories
  • Creating a Home Landscape Design
  • Idea Sampler
  • Appendices

Tips and Sidebars bring additional content and interest to each subject.

Tool tip found in Home Landscaping eBooks

Planning Tool

Home Landscaping eBooks landscape plan example
10 Step Process to Create Your Own Landscape Plan

Create a landscape plan for your entire yard or a specific location by following a simple, practical ten step process. An example planning process with corresponding diagrams is included.

Design, Ecology & Color Explained

Home Landscaping eBooks symmetry design principle example
Learn Why Things Work

Principles of Design are explained so that you can follow them in your own design process. Read about ecological concepts to understand why elements like swales support sustainability. Color theory information will guide your effective use of color in the landscape.

More About 'Guide to Home Landscaping'

The Guide to Home Landscaping for the iPad (2 or higher) is a fixed layout book. When viewed in landscape mode, it reads as a print book, with text and graphics always in the same place. In Portrait mode, the text flows sequentially, with small thumbnails of the photos along the left side. (Tapping on a photo enlarges it). Portrait mode allows changeable font size and style, typically found with ebooks.

Click on or swipe across the pics below to see a sample of screens.

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  • GHL iBook example page with sidebar
  • GHL example page with design tips
  • GHL iBook Design Principles chapter page
  • GHL iBook Design Principles described with pictures