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Companions for Grasses

Interested in using grasses in your landscape? Consider these principles when deciding what to plant with them.

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Flowering Shrubs that Should be Used More Often

Looking for some plant ideas that don't show up on every "Best for ..." list? Here's the first in a series of posts that will highlight some plants you may not know about and that deserve to be used more often. The topic here is deciduous flowering shrubs.

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Using Stone in the Landscape

Natural stone is a wonderful design material for both formal and informal landscapes. Get some information in this post about the types of stone available and ideas for how to incorporate it in your yard.

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Substitutes & Options for Some Common Invasive Plants - Part 2

This is the second part of blogs providing substitutes and alternative plants to some of the more commonly found invasive plants. Part 1 focused on shrubs while this post covers other plant types.

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Serendipity in the Natural Landscape

The natural landscape can provide inspiration for our own garden designs. The photos in this blog show garden design principles in the environment around us.

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