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Birds in the Vegetable Garden

Part 6: A Beginner's First Year of Vegetable Gardening

While the fence seems to be keeping the 4 legged creatures out, we encountered another challenge: birds. Our neighbor puts out bird feed daily, resulting in an inundation of crows, mockingbirds, blackbirds and wrens throughout the yard. (We've also seen some robins and cardinals, but they seem to be chased away by the other bullies). After planting bean seeds and seeing them start to sprout, I went out the following day and found half of them lying out of the ground or away from where they were planted. I had seen some birds perched on the top rail of the fence the day before and figured they'd see some easy pickings.

CD sculpture to keep out birds

If the fence were taller, I could have placed wire mesh over the top to absolutely keep them out. Alas, I needed to find another method. I read where birds don't like reflective things, so I made a hanging "sculpture" made out of 3 old CD's. (Saw a youtube video on this idea and adapted it.) Placed them on a hook by the bed where the birds had infiltrated and gave it a few days to see what happened. Well, it seems to work! We usually have at least a slight breeze, and the CD's create sparkling slices of light.