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Putting the Vegetable Garden to Bed

Part 10: A Beginner's First Year of Vegetable Gardening

We had the first snowfall of the year last week, a sure sign that my vegetable gardening for 2018 is coming to an end. I wanted to see if the remaining plants survived the snow. Yes, the arugula, cilantro and some spinach still looks OK, but the lettuces - not so much.

As the plants have died, I also noticed how much the soil level in the beds dropped from their original fill last Fall. So, I've been filling up the beds with soil as veggies get pulled out, and topping with hay mulch. Early next spring I will put down a layer of compost on all the beds prior to planting. Some beds do have a cover crop of oats and austrian peas because I was able to plant them early enough to germinate.

Overall, I'm very happy with the results from my first year of vegetable gardening. Sure, some things didn't work, but most did. Next year will be more "firsts", including spring planting and getting the asparagus bed going. More exciting adventures lie ahead!