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The Uncommon Blues: Blue Flowering Plants and How to Use Them

The joy of seeing a beautifully unique color in the garden.

Every year, more color options for flowering plants appear at the garden center or in the seed catalogs. But one color still remains unique in its scarcity - true blue. I’m not talking about the “blue” broadly listed as a bloom color by growers, which is often more lavender or red-purple. The blue I’m referring to shows itself infrequently; when it does, its uniqueness further enhances its beautiful hue.

One way to find truer shades of blue is to visit a nursery after the last frost and check out the annuals. Lobelia comes in a brilliant blue color rarely seen and can be the star of a container. The California native Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila) is sky blue. Pansies come in a pretty baby blue or darker blue colors, including two tone, for use in the spring or fall.

However, here’s some plants to get blue more “permanently” into your garden.

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